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And after a 3 tabs start, we continued with one tab

           down the toilet monthly, and we stopped using

           bleach products.

           When the septic service company came back, they

           were really impressed with the condition of the tank

           and told us that pumping was not needed...

           We will de nitely continue to use Septi x!

           Paying a little for it is well worth the savings we'll

           realize by having the tank pumped less often.

           Not to mention the fact that Septi x is helping us

           avoid more signi cant performance problems with

           our septic system."

           Kathy M, Stowe, Vermont

           We have hundreds of testimonials like these ones coming to

           our support email daily, and before I'll share more of them

           with you, allow me to share...

           What SEPTIFIX Tablets Are, Why and

               How They Can Help You Solve ALL
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