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Hydrogen Sul des (the smells), eliminating all

           unwanted septic smells after just a few days.

           ✔ SEPTIFIX remaining ingredients will neutralize

           the pH of the waste water which, when combined

           with high oxygen concentrations, results in an ideal

           environment for our aerobic bacterial strains to


           That's why Septi x' effect on your septic tank

           system is much longer and much faster than any

           other septic tank treatment on the market.

           ✔ The technology used inside our SEPTIFIX tabs,

           enables our tablets to imbed within the sludge layer

           and treat the entire volume of water from the

           bottom up, soon after they have dissolved. And so,

           ALL your septic tank gets cleaned.

           ✔ Because each of our tablets contain over 10

           billion aerobic bacteria strains (which is almost 3

           times more than all our competitors), this ensures

           mass reduction in grease build up, sludge, clogs, and

           all harmful pathogens - like e coli or salmonella,

           which can form in your septic tank and can cause

           many health problems to your family are destroyed!
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